Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack Strategy

The basic Blackjack strategy is to make the best decisions depending on what the dealer has. You need to memorize the table below by heart because these are the plays that have the greatest chance for beating the house.

Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack Strategy Card


The trick is to bet big when the low cards are being dished out and bet bigger when the 10s come out because the dealer has a better chance of busting. Many people also count cards and this ofcourse is the most effective way to beat the house.

There are several ways to beat the house and many books writing on the subject. In general you are supposed to assign each card a value of either minus one or plus one (-1 or +1).

Then when the deck reaches a specific number you know a blackjack is coming out and you bet really big.

Blackjack Strategy 1



The main counting systems are KO Blackjack and HI LO blackjack.

There are also several types of betting systems.

The house edge is designed to break you down eventually because it is always tipped in their favor. They want you make the same bet and if you keep doing that and maybe make a few bad ones because you are drinking then they take all your money. That is why the best way to win is to count cards. The security know how to count cards and are watching in the cameras all the time so you need to work with a team. One keeps track one keeps betting using Blackjack Strategy and the table so the odds are more or less even until the sweet spot of the deck is found and you can increase your bet.

You have to do this in a way that is not so obvious too. So you have to make a few intentionally bad bets to make them think you are a novice and are not counting. Count cards is not illegal but you can get thrown out of the casino and banded and the whole point is to stay there so you can make money.

Many have found success and beating the house.

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